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We want to be a caring church, putting our faith

into practice by serving others.

Don de vêtements et d'objets
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When you truly experience the love of God, you cannot keep it to yourself. He compels us to love and care for those suffering most from loneliness, rejection or going through trials.


In order to live out our faith in a practical way, our family uses its various resources to carry out a range of social actions. 

Thanks to our cultural association "A Sharing Family", we collaborate with local charities, coming to the aid of needy people (literacy classes, school support, distribution of food and clothes…). 



Every year we send teams abroad to support development projects (micro-business, education, medical...) and to share the love of God through humanitarian actions of solidarity.

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After many years of reflection, we founded a missionary movement called “Génération Propulsion" conscious that today, almost half of the world’s population live in places where they have no opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.

We organise events to raise awareness among Christians about people groups who have no access to the Gospel.

Don de vêtements et d'objets
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Our church solidarity team have put together a second-hand website where you can give and make others happy, or find an item you may need.

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